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We are a 100% female black-owned boutique recruitment agency based in Cape Town, South Africa. Alongside our Level 1 BBB-EE status, we have nearly twenty years experience in Executive Search, Recruitment, Selection and much more. As a result, we contribute to eliminating unemployment in our country.

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Our Services

We leverage on our skilful consultants, networks and contacts in order to identify candidates at any level.

Database search

We use our database of over 15 000 candidates across the country in various fields, including HR, Admin Support, Finance, Engineering, I.T. and more. Therefore, you are almost guaranteed to find a candidate with us.


In conjunction with our database search, we will advertise each job specification in relevant media. Because of this exposure is maximised. Last but not least and most importantly, we attract the best candidates.

Sourcing Candidates

We will search for candidates and advertise the job specifications. In doing so, we are able to source candidates who can succeed in their new placement. As a result, they will fit into your business culture and overall environment.

Types of clients

We are here to assist both employers and career seekers all over South Africa.

If you are either of those, read more below to find out more about how we can specifically help you.


Tell us the main details of the position being recruited for. These details should include work experience, qualifications and skills your ideal candidate should possess. As a result, our consultants will be well-equipped to identify candidates for you at any level. 

Career Seekers

We will assist you to find work in most types of job categories. This means that no matter your work experience and qualifications you have, we can assist you in finding employment.

Employment can truly change one's life and, ultimately, our economy. Collaborating with employers and career seekers, through recruitment support services, is the key to creating more economically active citizens.